Item number: Kenos® Vacuum Gripper – KSG

Kenos® Vacuum Gripper – KSG

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  • The KSG (Kenos Sack Gripper) can be equipped with integrated COAX® cartridges or connector for external vacuum source. Choose the number of COAX®, from 2 to 8, to increase the total suction capacity.
  • The KSG is designed and capable to handle heavy sacks in different material, shapes and weight.
  • Three different sealing ring options available, designed for different application needs: Orange Natural rubber foam ring that fits perfectly to the sack, Blue Natural rubber foam ring with excellent wear resistance, Metal ring completely wear-free over time.
  • Three-stage COAX® cartridge - MIDI - with extra high initial vacuum flow. Large vacuum flow in relation to energy consumption. State-of-the-art ejector technology inside.

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