Item number: Kenos® KCS

Kenos® KCS

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  • The KCS (Kenos® collaborative small) gripping system is equipped with integrated COAX® SX cartridges.
  • The quick change system of KCS allows the gripper to move from one application to another very quickly.
  • The COAX®SX cartridges- providing high performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures. The KCS can be equipped with 1 or 2 COAX®SX cartridges.
  • The KCS is equipped with a flow restrictor suitable for handling different sized sealed or leaking objects with the same lifting device even if the total foam area is not covered, the KCS will still maintain enough vacuum level to lift the object.


  • Bag and pouch handling
  • Card / lid feeding and sorting
  • Robot pick and place and packing

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