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  • Introducing piCOMPACT®10X SMART, Piab adds functionality to a small footprint ejector

Introducing piCOMPACT®10X SMART, added functionality to a small footprint ejector

Published 12/8/2022

piCOMPACT®10X SMART is a compact, efficient, and intelligent ejector that enables you to take the next step in production control and ease of use. Based on COAX® technology and integrated IO-Link technology, piCOMPACT®10X SMART offers enhanced flexibility, quicker installation, and improved customisation to fit your needs.  

Building on the air-driven, multistage ejector piCOMPACT®10X, it comes with integrated controls such as on/off valve, blow-off valve, vacuum switch, and energy-saving function, and is built on a configurable platform, making it easy to customise. The upgraded SMART version piCOMPACT®10X SMART also includes smart features that enable predictive maintenance in addition to special preventive features like Leakage Warning, Performance Monitoring Timers, and Vacuum Cycle Counter.

piCOMPACT®10X SMART is perfect for advanced packaging applications within industries such as pharma and electronics, helping producers to quickly and easily realise complex, yet tidy, smart systems. 

Key features that add value:

  • A configurable vacuum ejector based on COAX® technology with integrated controls, providing a highly energy efficient and reliable vacuum flow.
  • IO-Link technology offers simplified and cheaper installation with easy set-up and less cabling.
  • Performance and process data from sensors in, for instance, pumps can be monitored in real time using the IO-Link interface.
  • Stackable (manifold mounted) units of between 3 and 8 ejectors share a common IO
  • Link interface, as well as port and exhaust for compressed air, enabling easy cabling and tubing.
  • Specialised software packages and application examples are available from Piab with add-on instructions and libraries of data sets for PLC programming in robots from market-leading brands.

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piCOMPACT®10X SMART – SMART functionality in a small footprint

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