Cartons and trays, erecting and forming

Case/carton erecting, case/carton opening closing

Picking and feeding flat stacked cartons for placement or erecting maneuvers are essential steps to your packing line as well as a combination of the right suction cups and vacuum generators, which are critical for improving the performance and minimizing any missed picks.

Piab offers a large variety of suction cups to secure that you get an exceptional seal between the cup and your case material and compensating for any warpage and low quality material and with outstanding durability minimizing your downtime and maintenance costs.

When handling carton board and especially recycled board the leakage is high and an energy efficient high vacuum flow is needed, Piab offers market leading vacuum solutions thanks to our COAX technology that is also available with process monitoring capabilities and additional energy saving functionality. Blow/quick release capabilities are available as well to further increase speed by releasing the carton quickly. 

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