Tailor welded blanks

Loading and unloading metal sheets

Joining metal materials of different coating type, thickness, or strength form a “tailored blank” ready for the stamping process. Tailored blanks are incredibly important in reducing weight and raw material cost as well as being a key structural component when optimizing crash/strength in automotive design.

The surface of the tailored blanks is often slippery, but we have designed high friction suction cups created to securely grip oily surfaces. Vacuum is used in several stages of the process, mostly for feeding/loading and unloading. Depending on your process design, Piab offers both centralized and de-centralized vacuum solutions.

Our products also offer a longer shelf life, as opposed to lasers, which are often used for cutting and welding. Lasers generate ozone, which deteriorates the lifetime of your equipment; however, Piab’s products are made to be ozone resistant, which in the end is more cost-effective.

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