Body assembly

Closures – hemming stations – inner and outer assembly

Higher degree of process control is needed in body assembly when expensive car panels are joined together. Piab offers vacuum solutions for both robotic End of Arm Tools as well as holding fixtures.

Selecting the right suction cups for a safe, reliable and mark-free grip on oily surfaces is absolutely crucial. Not only does this enable higher productivity but also helps to minimize scrap rates.

Our friction suction cups are especially designed for body assembly. Combining each suction cup with sensing vacuum switches is recommend for more flexibility and control as well as additional safety and reliability. Flexible tooling components for easy positioning of the suction cups will facilitate shorter installation time and deliver a reliable positioning of the suction cups cycle after cycle.

Productivity is also increased thanks to vacuum ejectors using COAX® technology and optimizers to minimize the energy consumption, both can be used as centralized and de-centralized vacuum. For fixtures, a breathing function after a release is important to avoid self-adhesion (unwanted vacuum), which we have also incorporated into our solutions.

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