Picking, placing and packaging box, trays and cases

Direct food contact

Food products comes in varied shapes, sizes and consistency that requires to be picked by the right type of solution. Vacuum systems fitted with right type of suction cup and vacuum ejector is the most versatile and reliable solution. Suction cups from Piab come in a large variety of geometries and materials to provide a secure seal without damaging the goods. Our cups are made from food grade materials meeting FDA requirements.

Due to the large variety of shape, sizes and consistency of food products an adjustable vacuum level is required in order to avoid product marking or damage. Piab offers a wide range of vacuum ejectors with all the functionality you require to have a high performing picking and placing operations.

All our food contact classified products are easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Most of our products are configurable and modular to your needs, which helps to simplify operations and get you up and running quickly.

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