Confectionary & candy

Feeding to and from mixing and blending units

Feeding various types of sugars, salts, and flours via sieves into blenders and mixers is a critical step to secure that you are maintaining a safe working environment for your staff and productivity remains optimal.

Piab vacuum conveyors effectively replace manual feeding of your blenders/mixers, or any other lifting solutions, by ensuring a quick filling and emptying process as well as easy material changeover. Materials can be picked up from the barrel or drum ensuring a more ergonomic work environment and faster cycle time.

Our intelligent enclosed systems enable a safe working environment for your staff and reduces the risk of material segregation and contamination. All Piab vacuum conveyors meet low noise requirements, are modular in design and have a small footprint with capacity to fit in most environments. Maintenance, regular cleaning, and filter changes are easily done to minimize your production’s down time.

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