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piSAVE® sense 02/60 (yellow),10p, incl. Assembly tool , 0202394


Item no. 0202394

Product image may differ from actual product.
  • Vacuum check valves which allows a few suction cups to miss the object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system with quick response and release times.
  • The vacuum check valves shall be used in a centralized vacuum system, one for each suction cup.
  • Designing with vacuum check valves will require a smaller vacuum pump and save energy.
  • Also suitable for objects with surface leakage around the lip of the suction cup.
  • Available in four sizes with different flow performance/characteristics to suit different degree of leakage on handled material and different size of cups.
  • The valves are supplied separately for integration or mounted in an Al-fitting with female and male threaded connections to facilitate installation.
Metric   Imperial
物料 热塑性聚氨酯, 氢化丁腈橡胶
Temperature -20 – 80 °C
阀门颜色 黄色
Weight 0.3 g
Spare parts
Item no.
piSAVE® sense Assembly tool 16mm 0202589

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    • 吸盘

      • DURAFLEX®是什么?
        • DURAFLEX®是Piab采用特殊材料制成的无痕吸盘。该材料由Piab专门研发并已获得专利,既有可媲美橡胶的出色弹性,又具有聚氨酯材料的超强耐磨性。

      • PIAB吸盘应如何储存?
      • 该如何选择最合适的吸盘?
        • 首先,建议您查阅应用列表,了解Piab为各种类型应用推荐的最佳吸盘。如果您有任何问题请随时联系Piab合作伙伴,我们将帮助您实现最优化解决方案。

      • 该如何准确计算提升力?
        • 提升力取决于需要提升的产品重量以及可用吸盘数量,首先您需要计算每一个吸盘需要提升的重量,然后将该数值乘以重力加速度(g=9.81),确定提升力(N)。

      • 有很多种物体需要提升,应如何确保物体不会掉落,同时还不消耗过多的能源,优化系统?
        • 一般情况下,吸盘与物体未接触时会吸入大量空气,这样就必须配备一个远超实际需求的大型真空泵。而piSAVE sense真空流量控制/止回阀可以在未接触物体之前先关闭吸盘,确保在一个特定的提升循环中,只有所需数量的吸盘打开,消耗能源。请观看piSAVE sense 视频,了解更多信息。

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