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VonGal - Piab consumer industry

Sleek end-effector design reduces energy consumption by 34% for end user


Based in Montgomery, Alabama, VonGal delivers quality, reliable, high-performance palletizing solutions to a multitude of industries. Recently, one of VonGal’s customers requested a robotic palletizing solution that was capable of handling recycled cases of various sizes and weights with a single end-of-arm tool. The customer also had strict compressed air consumption and energy usage guidelines to maintain.


The solution began with Piab’s VGS™3010 (Vacuum Gripper System) featuring a decentralized design that allows for vacuum to be generated directly at the point of suction. Equipped with a Si08-3 COAX® cartridge, the system gives VonGal the ability to run at a very low pressure, while DURAFLEX® suction cups lower energy consumption by preventing micro-leakage, allowing the use of a small vacuum cartridge.


The partnership allowed VonGal to reduce energy consumption by 34% when compared to the previous solution. The flexible design eliminates the need for multiple end-effectors when handling different shapes and sizes, which makes for quick and easy changeover and reduces downtime. The customer can now cost-effectively produce shorter runs of multiple products to match consumer buying habits.

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