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Piab's vacuum pump MLL200

Reduced energy consumption and downtime in tooling and transferring process


A manufacturer of military and commercial airplanes uses vacuum to hold plastic, wood and aluminium plates during tooling and transferring processes. The currently used electric vacuum pumps sometimes contaminated the industrial water circuit with leaking cooling liquid, causing a lot of downtime issues for the company.


Piab’s MLL200 and MLL400 vacuum pumps were installed and the risk of water contamination was reduced to zero since these pumps do not use water. The MLL pumps were chosen due to the need for fast evacuation, as a large vacuum reservoir must be kept for security reasons. Non-return valves and vacuum switches were also installed for energy saving purposes and low vacuum level alarm.


Since the installation of the MLL pumps, the customer has recognized a reduction in energy consumption, maintenance costs and noise level.

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