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Polydata Huber - Piab graphic industry

Polydata Huber reduces noise to 68dB with compressed air pumps


Polydata Huber, a mid-size print shop in the German graphic industry, strives to provide an ideal work environment for employees. To battle heat and noise issues on the shop floor, the company decided to replace its electrical pumps with compressed air pumps from Piab.


A test installation of Piab’s P6010 pumps was set up on the collector machine at Polydata. Impressed with the test installation, Polydata decided to use the P6010 pumps on the eight station collectors as well as the folding machine.


The new pumps reduced noise levels down to only 68dB, a remarkable change from the previously high levels. Heat issues were addressed as well, as the blow function on the new pump generates air that is one degree cooler than the ambient temperature.

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