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Safe glass handling

More flexible solution for safe handling of glass panes


A large Polish company producing glass has been looking for a solution reducing production costs associated with frequent ejectors replacement caused by clogging as well as with poor durability of suction cups. The new system should be safe, moreover a sheet of glass should be securely held for at least 5 minutes after power switching off or failure.


We suggested a solution - Piab P3010 vacuum pump with a blow-off check valve and large-sized flat suction cups XLF200. Non-return valves in the pump protect the equipment after power is turned off and blow to maintain vacuum in the system. Additionally, the use of filters in the pump significantly reduces the failure rate of the system.


The use of Piab vacuum pumps allows fast replacement of the COAX® vacuum cartridges in case of pump clogging. This new solution significantly reduces the cost of spare parts. In addition XLF suction cups have a much longer life span than the old suction cups, while double lips ensures a very high operational safety of the gripper.

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