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Piab piCLASSIC Si32

Increase your production on parts handling with piCLASSIC


The customer’s issue was of not having enough suction to hold down the automotive parts properly. The part is a high performance hood, roof or trunk lid and accuracy is very important when trying to router off the flash from the molding process.  Parts are placed into the router fixture, vacuum is activated for hold down and router is robotically controlled to produce finished edges.  The customer was using competitive vacuum pumps and PVC suction cups.


The customer contacted Piab and our ability in showing a variety of different Piab products was key as we were able to show how everything worked on demand at the customer’s facility. Ultimately in the end, the business was secured because of the new piCLASSIC pumps featuring COAX® technology and the ability to add an energy saver function. 


The customer was very happy with the fact that during their long routing time, the Piab pump could shut itself off lessening the demand on their air compressors. We were also able to demonstrate the benefits of adding and maintaining a Piab vacuum filter by showing how much vacuum flow would be lost when a pump clogged with very fine carbon dust that is prevalent throughout the plant. Coupled with the attention shown to them on the importance of correct plumbing and correct vacuum lines, both of the same size and equal lengths, not daisy chained together, the customer realized the superior product with solution selling satisfied their needs.

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