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Vaculex BaggageLift at Landvetter Airport

Higher efficiency at airport baggage handling


Göteborg Landvetter Airport is located in the western part of Sweden and Sweden's second largest international airport with over 100 destinations.

In the area where baggage is loaded onto the baggage reclaim conveyors the previous working conditions could result in repetitive strain injuries.


The Vaculex® BaggageLift was installed to help with the manual baggage handling at the airport.


With the help of Vaculex® the work became much easier. The operators now work almost without any additional strain to their bodies. The company Swedavia, which owns Göteborg Landvetter Airport, has now equipped all of their airports in Sweden with Vaculex® lifting solutions for handling baggage.

Rasmus Grahm, Coordinator using Vaculex® BaggageLift: “Vaculex® lifting equipment really helps!“

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