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Piab VGS™ and XLF suction cup

From 2-circuit system to a 5-circuit system while saving 66% compressed air


In an application concerning lifting of heavy glass sheets, a manufacturer of lifting equipment uses a profile system with a frame of aluminium with internal vacuum channels. Worn out suction cups causes dropping of glass sheets as the centralised vacuum system is unable to compensate for the leakage and loses its vacuum.


Due to the big volume that needed to be evacuated, the previous Classic pumps from Piab are replaced with two VGS™3010 units that are connected to each suction cup via a T-connector.


The installation of VGS™3010 units resulted in reduced compressed air consumption by 66%, from 14 Nl/sec to 4.7 Nl/sec.

As the new system is decentralised, the glass sheets are no longer dropped, even if a suction cup on the VGS™ would wear out. The Piab vacuum switches with fixed vacuum levels receive the ready-signals from the lifting frame and the built-in blow-off valve of the system provides a high degree of safety as required by the manufacturer. Safety is today fivefold compared to the previous twofold safety.

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