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Promatech - Piab consumer industry

Flexible robotic solution results in 20% reduction in production time


Promatech LLC, a robotic systems integrator, wanted to design an automated solution for handling heavy-duty corrugated cardboard containers that would eliminate pressure loss problems, reduce costs and improve workplace safety.


The company was able to provide more reliable handling at high speeds with an innovative gripper system featuring nine of Piab’s Vacuum Gripper System (VGS)™3010 vacuum units, utilizing DURAFLEX® suctions cups and integrated COAX® cartridges. The suction cups in the VGS™3010 system improve reliability by easily gripping porous, leaky materials and uneven surfaces.


Since installing the VGS™3010 gripper system, Promatech has noticed a 20% reduction in production time. Additionally, the compact design of the machine has created a less cluttered and safer working environment that would be beneficial in many industries.

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