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Piab vacuum pump P3010 with vacuum check valve

Automotive OEM reduces product damage with flexible grippers



COMAU, an Italian automotive OEM, wanted to reduce the number of miniature valves that were being damaged during robotic engine assembly applications due to poor robot end effector gripping. The company wanted a compact and lightweight, yet powerful, vacuum solution that was reliable and capable of quickly and accurately gripping the valves without dropping them and causing damage.


Installing a P3010 COAX® vacuum pump on the end effector of the robot allowed for independent control of each gripper. The new design also incorporated a vacuum check valve, which includes a blow off function to quickly and reliably eject the parts while also preventing handled parts from dropping.


COMAU’s customers have been very satisfied with the new system design because it consumes much less air and costs considerably less than conventional vacuum systems. The machinery now runs more smoothly and without dropping the valves.

  • Shorter downtime for repairs and maintenance
  • Flexible decentralized configuration
  • Increased reliability
  • Significant cost savings

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