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Vaculex TP at SAS Cargo

Air cargo handling improved at leading air cargo carrier


SAS Cargo is the leading air cargo carrier to, from and within Scandinavia offering cargo capacity on over 700 flights covering all of Scandinavia. SAS Cargo’s handling operations have become an independent company named Spirit Air Cargo Handling. Spirit is Scandinavia’s biggest air cargo handling company.

SAS Cargo/Spirit highlighted the fact that heavy lifts in combination with high frequency are costly for them. The Cargo handlers´ job often means very hard work, with sick leave, compensation claims and other issues being the resulting factors. SAS Cargo/Spirit has searched for a lifting aid that could minimize the risk for injury and increase the productivity at the same time.


All workplaces where SAS Cargo/Spirit manually loads or unloads cargo were equipped with a Vaculex® TP.


The Vaculex® TP makes the cargo become weightless and easier to handle, which in combination with high working speed results in much quicker handling with very low risk for injury caused by heavy lifting or bad posture.

The Vaculex® TP proved to handle more than 90 % of the cargo up to 45 kg/100 lbs with ease.

Karl-Åke Libell, Warehouse Manager at Spirit Air Cargo, Stockholm, Sweden: “We have tried to find a lifting aid for our manual handling for a long time. We have tried several other types of equipment without any success. Vaculex® offered a system that works in reality for Air Cargo handling. The cooperation with Vaculex® during all phases from test project to installation and start up has been very good. The Vaculex® TP works extremely well for our operation. The lifters are very easy to learn how to use and the operation of them is very quick and flexible. What impressed me the most, was the fact that all personnel spontaneously started to use them, even before we have had any training and introduction. I strongly recommend Vaculex® to other Cargo handlers.”

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