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Повышение производительности при упаковке и укладке коробок на паллеты.

Piab Kenos® KVG gripper

Using Piab's KVG and KVGL series of Kenos® grippers, Eklego designed and manufactured a state-of-the-art end-of-line system that can handle different types of boxes according to process requirements and customer needs.

Piab grippers installed by Eklego are 4 in total: n.2 Kenos® KVG60, n.1 Kenos® KVG120 and n.1 Kenos® KVGL.

The Kenos® KVG grippers handle cylinder-shaped components/assemblies of various sizes and with different surface finishes (paper, thermal paper, etc.) wrapped in shrink film. They’re picked up from a conveyor belt and placed into cardboard boxes, automating a process previously handled manually.

The automated system activates the Kenos® KVG60 grippers to pick up a single package, and the Kenos® KVG120 systems to pick up n.2 packages, depending on the customer's specific order.

The boxes are then closed and taped, with an output of 2 boxes per minute.

The Kenos® KVGL gripper then picks up the boxes and places them on the pallet at the end of the line. Boxes of various sizes and weights up to 30 kg are handled. In total, 19 different formats are manipulated.

"Before using Piab, the problem was the lack of gripping reliability, in particular during the handling of the largest and heaviest box formats, which have to be rotated 180°", says Angelo Bertazzolo, Eklego’s Technical Manager and Owner.

"Thanks to Piab's solutions, we were able to increase production by 30%. We also tried another supplier of technical foam grippers, but the performance did not guarantee the same safety. In terms of price, the Piab product is slightly more expensive, but the advantage in terms of performance and technical support compensates for the extra investment cost. We are very satisfied with the adopted solutions and the responsiveness of Piab's technicians and Europair, Piab's authorised distributor, that we will continue to work with them in future projects", adds Angelo Bertazzolo.

Piab's Kenos® vacuum gripping systems simplify handling processes in a variety of industries and many application areas. It is a versatile range, based on technical foam grippers or suction cups, designed for handling a wide variety of objects with different shapes, sizes and materials. Kenos® gripper systems can be equipped with integrated vacuum generation through Piab's COAX® multi-stage ejectors, as in the case of the grippers installed by Eklego, or predisposed for external vacuum generation, e.g. by means of a side channel blower pump.

The Kenos® KVG series is available in 2 width sizes, KVG60 and KVG120. These are grippers fully configurable in terms of length, type of foam or suction cup drilling, type of internal technology (self-excluding check valves or calibrated holes) or vacuum generator and allow the handling of various types of objects in different industries, from furniture to packaging. Read more about the product here.

The Kenos® KVGL series is designed primarily for handling boxes. The KVGL grippers, as well as being fully configurable, feature a foam mounting system that allows rapid replacement in the event of wear, without requiring specialised maintenance or tools, thus increasing the productivity of the robot. Read more about the product here.

Piab's COAX® vacuum generation technology minimises energy consumption while offering safe and fast gripping, due to its high initial vacuum flow. The pump unit can deliver high performance even with low or fluctuating supply pressure. This has been proven in independent comparative tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU in Dresden. These tests showed that Piab ejectors require significantly less compressed air to achieve the same result as ejectors from other suppliers. Consequently, their use reduces the cost of compressed air supply and thus the total manufacturing cost.

Eklego Srl

Eklego is a young company, founded in 2018, that develops, designs, and manufactures automation, vision and robotics systems with a focus on flexibility, efficiency and sustainability requirements.
The experience of Eklego staff in roles of responsibility in engineering and manufacturing at multinationals of different sectors allows the company to provide the customers with customised applications and solutions. In addition, commercial agreements with strategic suppliers make Eklego able to propose unique and non-replicable solutions for many applications.
Eklego is specialised in customized packaging machines, automatic unloading equipment with robots and visual control, palletising robotic cells, pick and place solutions.

For more information

Paolo Santi, Senior Marketing Activation Specialist
+39 011 2263666
Piab Italia, Via Cuniberti 58, Turin, Italy


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