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Yet another contribution to Industry 4.0

Tablets and capsules

It is fascinating when you realize that you have developed the right product and the right functionality for the market and customer, even before all of the interest around Industry 4.0 came to light.

We have since developed a very intelligent product that is a new and much smarter way to convey tablets. It is smart in the way that we have really added intelligence, to be able to convey tablets in a way without damaging them. The key to handling tablets gently is speed. In order to keep tablets intact throughout the entire conveying system it is vital to maintain a controlled low speed. The innovative piGENTLE™ technology was designed to enable a low and constant speed of the tablet transfer, regardless of the number of tablets in the pipeline. It is also independent of the size, shape, or weight of tablets or capsules.

So far, I have not seen a product on the market that is as smart in transporting tablets/capsules in both an efficient and a gentle way.



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