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Piab's flexible suction cup mount

Another product family for the automotive industry

Дата 27.11.2018

Piab maximizes productivity in the automotive industry with flexible suction cup mount.

The automotive industry is important for Piab, it is a global, innovative and super structured industry. It fits us well.

After working with the automotive industry for many years we could see that there was a need of a special product that we could fill. As always, starting with a customer's need, R&D and myself as Product Manager for the automotive industry, I'm very proud to see our flexible suction cup mount. The flexibility and easy installation make it the perfect choice for manufacturers wishing to maximize the productivity of manufacturing plants. It is easily adapted for use in existing vacuum systems whether centralized or decentralized.

But of course, the proof of the pudding comes through eating it as the Brits say. And seeing the response from the automotive industry for this product after we launched in late April this year, it is really rewarding.

Johnny Skagersjö
Product Manager Automotive
Тел. +46 8 630 25 00

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