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Suction cups and other rubber products

  • Handling
  • Storing
  • Life expectancy

The following guidelines specify suitable conditions for handling and storage of suction cups and other rubber products. By applying these guidelines, the durability and properties of the suction cups or rubber products will be optimized for a long lifetime. Other conditions may increase the risk of premature deterioration like excess hardening, softening, permanent deformation or other surface damage. For most parts the guidelines are based on ISO 2230.



For sensitive applications, avoid contact with dirt or grease. Wear gloves and clean the products before putting them into operation.


For cleaning, use a mild detergent and lukewarm water.


"Bloom" refers to a whitish layer on the surface of the rubber products, which is entirely normal and acts as a protection. The function of the rubber is not affected, and it is therefore not considered a defect. However, if not acceptable wash with water and a mild detergent.


Products shall be stored in a relaxed condition, free from superimposed tensions and compressive stresses etc.


Temperature: The products should preferable be stored between 15 °C to 25 °C [59 °F to 77 °F]. If suction cups are taken from low temperature storage the temperature should be raised to ambient temperature.

Humidity: The relative humidity should be below 65 % and condensation should not occur. Very moist or very dry conditions should be avoided.

Light: Store preferably dark or avoid direct sunlight or artificial light having a high ultra-violet content.

Ozone and radiation: Ozone is particularly harmful to rubber, therefore avoid storing rubber in the same room as equipment capable of generating ozone, such as mercury vapour lamps or high-voltage electrical equipment. In addition, the product must also be protected from ionizing radiation.

Rotation of stock

Apply FIFO (First In First Out) so that remaining items in stock are those of most recent delivery.

Life expectancy

Rubber is naturally aging which means that the material degrades over time. To obtain the expected functionality of the products, long storage time should be avoided. It is recommended that the products are used within 24 months.


en_GB Storage and Handling Guidelines for suctioncups and other rubber products (pdf)

zh-CN  吸盘及橡胶制品储存指南 (pdf)

de-DE Hinweise für die Lagerung von Vakuum-Saugnäpfen und Produkten aus Kunststoff (pdf)

es-ES Pautas de almacenamiento de las ventosas y los productos de goma (pdf)

fr-FR Instruction de stockage des ventouses et des produits en caoutchouc (pdf)

it-IT Linee guida per la conservazione di ventose e prodotti in gomma (pdf)

ja-JP サクションカップ及びゴム製品の保管ガイドライン (pdf)

ko-KR 진공패드 및 기타 고무 제품 (pdf)

pl-PL Wytyczne przechowywania przyssawek i wyrobów gumowych (pdf)

pt_BR Ventosas e outros produtos de borracha (pdf)

ru-RU Рекомендации по хранению вакуумных присосок и изделий из резины (pdf)

sv-SE Riktlinjer för lagring och hantering av sugkoppar och gummidelar (pdf)



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