Features and benefits

  • High Reliability ensures trouble-free production
  • Impressive performance with minimal energy consumption
  • Ultimate flexibility thanks to endless configuration possibilities
  • Easy to use, install and set-up with “plug-and-play”
  • IO-Link helps you to a smarter production process
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Dust-proof design ensures worry-free operation

  • COAX® Generation 2 – State-of-the-art, dust proof, multistage ejector nozzles.

Uptime and operational savings

  • Energy saving (ES) – By using fully adjustable shut-off level and hysteresis, the energy saving function can save up to 90–95% of compressed air usage in a cycle.
  • Automatic Level Determination (ALD) – Automatically sets optimized ES shut-off and restart levels in every cycle based on actual conditions.
  • Automatic Condition Monitoring (ACM) – Turns off ES function in case of significant leakage in the system in order to protect the valves and prolong lifetime. Can also trigger a leakage warning output signal.
  • Adaptive Pulse Width Modulation (A-PWM) – A-PWM will significantly reduce power consumption, generate a lower temperature, increase robustness of the installation and extend life time of unit.

User friendly, cost savings, increased throughput

  • Intelligent Blow-off (IBO) – Self-learning function that optimises blow-off duration and saves compressed air.
  • Self Adhesion Control (SAC) – Automatically removes “unwanted” vacuum with short blow-off puffs.
  • Amplified Blow-off (ABO) – An internal valve closes off the flow-path to the ejectors during blow-off. This ensures that 100% off the compressed air during blow-off goes to the cup(s), giving a very strong and efficient release.
  • Pre-Vacuum Hovering (PVH) – Uses blow-off air to hover the cups in order to clean or position the cups right on the object.
  • Automatic Timer Blow-off (ATBO) – With this function the compressed air release function will start automatically after the vacuum valve is turned off.
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Generic communication link – new era of smart factories

Download our whitepaper on IO-Link and read how it will help you create a smart production process

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SAR – A robot integrator saves 50% of air costs!

SAR integrates robots with compressed air driven vacuum pumps (single stage ejector). They contacted Piab to find solutions in areas which could be improved by our products. With Piab’s products, the current set-up would reduce air usage and avoid pressure drops in the tubing. The customer said that they now have better margins to their production goal and can run the robot as fast as they need.

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SAR success story