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Piab's Vaculex® product range is the world-leader of lifting equipment based on vacuum technology. Since 2005 Vaculex® has supplied baggage handling solutions with flexible, high-quality equipment from a Swedish design. Our ergonomic solutions have reduced the high number of injuries associated with manual handling of baggage. We not only provide you with a complete lifting solution, but also offer training and service after installation to make sure your Vaculex® BaggageLift works perfectly.


Baggage handling at ports is typically manual and takes place often in areas with limited available working space. The baggage is moved from a conveyor and or carousels to an open cart and vice versa. The operation is taking place under extremely high time pressure and manual handling under these conditions often results in repetitive strain injuries with decreasing work tempo and high sick absence.


Piab has developed and implemented Vaculex® solutions to solve the manual handling problems of baggage at ports. The results are ergonomic vacuum lifting solutions that potentially increase productivity and still minimize the risk for repetitive strain injuries. Piab’s Vaculex lifters allow unique and flexible solutions where ceiling height, narrow and confined areas with limited available working space may be an issue. Vaculex® patented low headroom equipment is one example of how Piab provides our users with innovative answers to challenging environments.

Elevador ergonômico
Elevador ergonômico

A redução de lesões e o aumento da produtividade são muitas vezes alcançados com a ajuda de dispositivos de elevação ergonômicos. Esse tipo de equipamento permite que um ou dois operadores levantem…

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