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Piab has continued to evolve its piCOBOT® program by adding a larger version. Developed with the needs of customers in mind who work with small industrial robots and cobots, its high payload combined with a low building height enables maximum capacity usage.


Go to the limits

Get the maximum out of your cobot or small industrial robot. Saving on robot or cobot investment is a crucial factor to return on investment. piCOBOT®L allows you to make use of the full capacity of your equipment for anything up to 16kg. 

Serviceability is key to keep your system running and reduce downtime for maintenance. The design of the unit allows easy access of parts for e.g. cleaning. Accordingly, the ejector cartridges can be extracted in portions and the vacuum stages cleaned where needed.


Can be equipped with up to 4 COAX® SX42 ejectors for high speed applications.

Lifting more with less

Allows to move bigger and heavier items thanks to a building height of just 107 mm and a payload of 16 kg.

Safe for collaboration

Designed with round edges for direct human-robot interaction.

Increased uptime

Minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements thanks to easy access to relevant parts and dust protection filters.

Even for harsh environments

Its robust and IP 65 compliant pump body facilitates deployment in rough, damp or spray prone areas.


Whatever you want to lift - air permeable cartons or leakage free metal sheets, the hard- and software of the pump unit can be configured exactly to the requirements of your application. With the right vacuum flow, piCOBOT®L enables fast movement for high productivity in packaging and palletizing, part assembly or machine tending.

High flexibility to meet your needs. Choose the gripping unit for your application: a Kenos® foam gripper that allows handling parts of various sizes or materials, a Piab standard gripper, a solution developed for you by our Custom-Line team or a gripper you developed inhouse - the choice is yours!


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  • piCOBOT®L with Kenos® foam gripper


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