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Kenos® vacuum gripper – KVG120C

  • Modular building width 120 mm, length 200-2000 mm.
  • The KVG gripping system can be equipped with an integrated or separate vacuum generator.
  • The integrated vacuum generator is a low maintenance modular multi-stage COAX® ejector.
  • KVG120C is equipped with check valves. Check valves allow the use of smaller vacuum pumps and still maintains the vacuum level even if the whole surface of the gripper is not covered.
  • The material of the KVG gripping system (cups) is made of either a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane - DURAFLEX®. Or as a second option a plastic material, TPE - Value Line® for standard/basic applications
  • Typical applications are palletizing and handling within packaging, metal, glass and wood industry.
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