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Rectangular Bellows cups

Piab adds three new sizes to Rectangular Bellows family

Date 01/06/2020

Piab extends its program of Rectangular Bellows cups with two new cups featuring an extra bellow: the RBL20x45, RBL30x55, and a complete new “square” cup the RBL60x60.

The three new cups as well as the rest of the Rectangular Bellow family are also included within a virtual configurator to help support and simplify the ordering process.

Rectangular suction cups are recommended for the handling of long, narrow objects and surfaces when maximum lifting force and grip are desired. The Rectangular Bellows are especially suitable for products in plastic flow packs, such as candy bars, and when level compensation is desired. The new long version (RBL) with an extra bellow is suitable for objects/picks with large height differences.

The active lifting area is larger for rectangular cups compared to round or oval cups.  The RBL cups are made to handle objects with large height differences. 

The new sizes RBL20x45 (mm) and RBL30x55 (mm) are available with the same standard fittings as the Rectangular Bellow cups (female ¼" and 1/8” male swiveling). 

The new size RBL60x60 (mm) is available with nine fittings including an aluminum T-slot fitting and two swiveling fittings (Male 3/8” and ¼"). The swiveling fittings allow for an easy positioning and locking function.

The cups are made of Duraflex®, a material that is specially developed so that it does not leave any marks on the handled objects while still retaining a fantastic elastic memory. Duraflex® is made from a material which contains the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane.

The new RBL cups (20x45, 30x55) are especially applicable for:

  • Bag opening/thin paper - slip sheets/film 
  • Oblong products in flow packs, such as candy bars. 

The RBL60x60 is applicable for:

  • Corrugated cardboard  
  • Warehousing applications 
  • Bag handling 
  • Wood  
  • Bag opening/thin paper - slip sheets/film



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