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Piab enhances the piGRIP® bag lips (BGI): especially made for lifting sturdy and thin/delicate plastic bags

bgi-2 suction cups for thin delicate bags

piGRIP® is a configurable suction cup family with a multitude of combinations giving a perfect fit for all types of picking applications. You select type of lip, bellow, support, and fitting to match your needs.

The BGI-Lip (piGRIP® bag lip) is great for picking both sturdy plastic bags and stand-up pouches filled with dry or wet food/substances. The enhanced design in the BGI-2 lip, also gives excellent capabilities in picking thin/delicate plastic bags.

In the BGI-lip family, sizes 34, 41, 48 and 63 mm will have the new improved BGI-2 design. The over-all lip geometries, material and sizes will all be the same compared with the old BGI lip. Configuring this suction cup will be supported in the piGRIP® configurator.


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