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Evolving the beta website – Improvements release #4-2021

Piab raster

Thanks for your valuable feedback on the new website since we launched it beginning of December!

The website project Steering Group is confident that the new website meets all requirements and is commercially viable, thanks to all valuable input from you and the improvements done by the website project team:

It is time to fire off the last step of the rocket on March 1st!

The improvements release #4-2021 includes:

  • Link to My Piab is added for quick and easy access:
  • The chat button is redesigned in line with Piab’s brand identity.
  • Countries with “The…” as The Czech Republic and The Netherlands, can now be found also when searching without “The” in Find partner.
  • A customized page not found (404) page is created.
  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is implemented and SEO activities have been performed to avoid a drop in Google ranking when doing the website migration from old to new
  • Google Analytics tracking is added to analyze website traffic.
  • Goals and KPIs are implemented and measured.

And... we will not stop here, the next phase of the website evolution is:

  • MyPiab for Partners, scheduled for launch in May.
  • Webshop with new visual brand identity, scheduled for launch in June.

Evolving you.
Evolving ourselves.
Evolving automation.
Evolving website.

Please continue to give us feedback through the feedback button on the right-hand side on the site, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Anette Lantz
Digital Experience Manager


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