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Hose clamp D=32-44, 3113823


제품 번호 3113823

제품 이미지는 실제 제품과 다를 수 있습니다.
    Metric   Imperial
    Material A4
    Weight 24 g
    직경 32–44 mm
    CAD 파일 다운로드를 위해 데스크탑 버전/일반 컴퓨터를 사용하여 주십시요.
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        • Can food and pharmaceutical products be transported through vacuum conveyors?
        • Can Piab vacuum conveyors be used to convey tablets, capsules etc.?
          • Yes. Piab has experience of conveying a large variety of tablets and capsules without damage.  Please contact us for detailed information.

        • Can the conveyor be used to dose material?
          • No it can’t. Normal procedure is to dose before or after conveying.  

        • Can you convey liquids?
          • No we can’t. It’s extremely difficult to control the amount of liquid coming in the conveyor.

        • Can you convey material vertically?
          • Yes, up to 8-10 meters without accessories/pipe emptying solution. With a pipe emptying solution up to about 25 meters.

        • Can you provide IQ/OQ documentation with a conveyor?
          • For piFLOW®p we can supply this documentation. It is a template that shall be filled in during start up and with the help of the manual that comes with the shipment.


        • Do you use any electricity on the conveyors?
          • No, the conveyors use only compressed air. Even our control systems are pneumatic. 

        • Does Piab have any warranty on the unit?
          • Piab offers a warranty to distributors, integrators and users of Piab products worldwide as per the following definitions:

            • A five-year warranty is valid for complete vacuum conveyors excluding electro mechanical pumps and controls.
            • A five-year warranty is valid for vacuum pumps excluding electro mechanical pumps, accessories and controls.
            • A two-year warranty is valid for electro mechanical pumps.
            • A one-year warranty is valid for other products.

            General warranty principles:

            • Piab guarantees against defects in the manufacture and materials by normal use in a proper environment, when following the instructions for care, maintenance and control described in the appropriate Piab manual.
            • Piab replaces or repairs, free of charge, faulty products provided that these are returned to Piab and found to be covered by the warranty.
            • It is at Piab’s discretion whether a faulty product should be sent back to Piab for replacement or if the repair shall be made locally at Piab’s expense.
            • This warranty does not include wear parts such as filter elements, sealings, hoses, pipe fittings, pipe bends, pinch valves (in-line with conveyed material), reducers, etc.
            • This warranty does not include subsequent damages caused by defective products.


        • How do I troubleshoot?
          • In the manual for conveyors there is one section about troubleshooting. You are also welcome to contact nearest Piab company.

        • How many meters is it possible to convey powder?
          • 0 – 50 meters if the conveying length does not include a vertical lift more than 5m and the product density is between 0.5-1.0kg.

        • How to avoid the material segregation?
          • By having the right mix of air and conveyed product. This is achieved from where the Piab conveyor draws the material with the help of our feeding point accessories. Please also read our  white paper on segregation and contact any Piab company for further information.

        • Is the Piab conveyor made to stand overpressure?
          • No they are not, only for under pressure.

        • Is there a risk of dust explosion?
          • Not if instructions in the manual are followed. All Piab conveyors have a grounding point.  All our conveyors can be sent with ATEX dust approval. 

        • Please tell me how to disassemble the vacuum conveyor
          • Tool are not really needed for assembly/de-assembly. For more detailed information, please look in the manual or in our YouTube channel

        • Please tell me the approximate amount of powder transport
          • From about 0.1ton/h to about 15ton/h.

        • Please tell me the method of selecting the vacuum conveyor
        • What can go wrong with the unit?
          • With regular maintenance, the unit will do the job for years to come.

            If the compressed air is dirty/has fluid in it, the filter can be clogged as well as the ejectors and the timers.Water in the air line is not optimal.

            Consult the manual for troubleshooting if you would encounter anything unusual.

        • What is included in the delivery of the conveyor?
          • Conveyor, filter regulator (1” connection)


            Troubleshooting guide



        • What is the material used for the body of the conveyors?
          • piFLOW®p is made of stainless steel  316L.

            piFLOW® i and f  are made of stainless steel 304.

        • What kind of certificate can you provide with your conveyors?
          • To a large number of Piab conveyors we can offer FDA, ATEX Dust and Gas, 2.2 certificates.

        • What type of accessories can Piab provide?
          • Stainless steel, aluminum, or PE, aspirated and non-aspirated feed wands

            Feed adapter with or without flange connection

            Feed station/hopper

            Flexible Hose

            Remote start/stop valve

            Level sensor


            Transition from the unit to downstream equipment

        • What type of filter is available for this unit?
          • Pleated rod. Filtration grade 0,5µm. a hard rod filter in PE and PUR material with a PTFE membrane.  Comes in black and white version.

            Pleated, Filtration grade 0,5µm. A hard polyester and PUR filter with a PTFE membrane. Grey colour.

            Textile. Filtration grade 5,0µm filterbag in polyester and a ePTFE membrane.  Light grey colour.


        • What utilities do I need?
          • Compressed air with normal industry pressure of 0.4-0.6 MPa.

        • When transporting granules, do the granules break or become damaged?
          • It depends on the physical properties of the granules. Piab has experience of conveying a big variety of granules, tablets and capsules without damage.  Please contact us for detailed information.

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