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Suction cup B110XP Polyurethane 30/60 ,thread insert G3/8" male, 0205019


제품 번호 0205019

  • Suitable for limited level adjustment with good stability.
  • Excellent gripping performance on corrugated and porous or surface leaking objects such as cardboard, textured plastic parts and composite material (raw surface)
  • In the two-coloured suction cup the bellows and the sealing lip are of different hardnesses, which makes the suction cup strong and stable for accelerations and speed, at the same time, soft and flexible.
  • DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane.
  • The material DURAFLEX® is mark free.
Metric   Imperial
Curve radius 80 mm
Movement, vertical max. 23.4 mm
Application 포장 박스, 플라스틱 사출 성형품
Material Polyurethane (PU30), Polyurethane (PU60)
Suction cup model B-XP
Suction cup shape 벨로즈 타입
Volume 123 cm³
Weight 140 g
Fitting size 3/8"
Fitting style 숫나사
Fitting type G-나사
Fitting option 없음
Height 58.6 mm
Outer diameter 113.7 mm
성능 — 리프팅 힘
직각 리프팅 힘 수평 리프팅 힘
20 -kPa 190 N 170 N
60 -kPa 380 N 350 N
90 -kPa 470 N 430 N
Polyurethane (PU60) Polyurethane (PU30)
Colour 투명한 녹색 노란색
Hardness 60 °Shore A 30 °Shore A
Temperature 10 – 50 °C 10 – 50 °C
재료 저항
Polyurethane (PU60) Polyurethane (PU30)
Alcohol N/A N/A
Concentrated acids + +
Ethanol + +
Hydrolysis + +
Methanol - -
Oil +++ +++
Oxidation - -
Petrol + +
Wear resistance +++ +++
Weather and ozone +++ +++


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상온 (20⁰C [68⁰F] ± 3⁰C [5.5⁰F])
표준대기압 (101.3 [29.9 inHg] ± 1.0 kPa [0.3 inHg])
상대습도 0-100%
압축공기 품질 DIN ISO 8573-1 class 4
스페어(Spare) 부품
제품 번호
Thread insert G3/8" male, with O-ring 0106797
Suction cup B110XP Polyurethane 30/60 0205021

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