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Kenos® vacuum gripper – KBC,

  • KBC has been designed to meet the needs of the packaging industry.
  • Especially dedicated to the handling of flow packs, food bags and small sacks; it is quite efficient for fast and safe liquid bags handling.
  • KBC offers two choices: to be supplied with internal vacuum generation, based on Piab COAX® technology, or external vacuum generation (pump/blower).
  • Piab COAX® technology provides a very high efficient suction capacity in combination with reasonable air consumption.
  • Due to its special design, KBC offers a wide range of plastic cups adapting to different sacks and bags dimensions and weights. Customized shapes are also available.
  • Unique characteristic of KBC is the absence of any rubber sealing lip that offers a great advantage to customer: No spare parts needed! No machine stop for maintenance!
  • Plastic cups are made of PEHD material
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