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A new and gentler way to convey tablets!

Piab introduces the new piFLOW®t, a vacuum conveying system optimized for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. It features numerous smart solutions that will enable it to easily transport tablets – while minimizing damage to the material!

The piFLOW®t has a small footprint, is highly modular, easy to clean, energy efficient and compatible with FDA approved applications.

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piFLOW®t inlet adapter!

Tablets are gently guided into the conveyor through a specially designed flow guiding flap. This enables a smooth transition between the conveying pipeline and the conveyor inlet.

The flap angles the tablets in a tangential direction to the interior walls of the conveyor, allowing them to spiral down and decelerate over time.

The inlet is designed without sharp edges in the direction of flow, giving the material free passage without damage.

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