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End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

The EOAT and gripper systems are used to design robotic end-effector tools, ergonomic tools or fixture tools for use on all types of automation equipment. The tooling consists of connecting parts for welded frames or extruded profiles and swivel arm assemblies, grippers with a choice of various “function” attachments. Some function attachments include a vacuum ejector that is based on the latest COAX® technology. Piab provides both round and square EOAT as there are advantages with both options. To maximise the flexibility, our components are modular and adjustable and can be combined into a specific tool from the components. With our great expertise we can also provide tailor made solutions for various applications in the automotive, plastics and food industries.

Piab Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT)
Elements tailored for vacuum-based end-of-arm tools and fixtures found in the automotive body-assembly and final assembly. Construct your own vacuum end effector tool with the selection of our great assortment of function attachments and swivel arm options by using the configurator.
Support de Ventouse Modulable
Famille configurable de Supports de Ventouses Modulables, conçus sur mesure pour les fixations et les mains de préhenseurs par aspiration dans les ateliers d'assemblage de l'industrie automobile.
EOAT components
Components for packaging, palletizing and automotive plastic injection moulding.
EOAT solutions
Complex end-of-arm tooling solutions for automotive metal stamping.