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Adjustable gripper, 0212848


Artículo No. 0212848

  • Flexible and Adjustable gripper to perfectly match application needs.
  • Optimized design for high reliability and fast cycle times.
  • Re-configurable within 2 minutes.
  • Flexible and stepless adjustability in suction cup distance.
  • Integrated piSAVE® sense technology allowing for single and/or double picking.
  • Stepless angle adjustability of individual suction cups. Allows for maximum adaption to object surface variations.
  • The piGRIP® suction cup are excellent for lifting and handling difficult and heavy bags and pouches with e.g. liquids.
  • Bellow suction cups with excellent gripping performance on corrugated and porous or surface leaking objects such as cardboard, textured plastic parts and composite material (raw surface).
Métrico   Imperial
Material PA, SS, Al, Poliuretano (PU)
Temperature 0 – 50 °C
Peso, máx 210 g

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Artículo No.
Ventosa B52XP Poliuretano 30/60, G1/4" macho, con filtro de red 0205130
Ventosa BX35P Poliuretano 30/60 con filtro, G1/4" macho, con filtro de red 0114449
Ventosa B30-2 Silicona, G1/4" macho, con filtro de red 0101431
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