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Vacuum pump piCLASSIC Si32-3 piSAVE optimize

RPC Tedeco Gizeh saves energy and reduces maintenance costs


RPC Tedeco Gizeh is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed drinking cups and vending cups. Piab partner Cymru Automation works with RPC on a variety of process improvement projects. The latest of these was to look at replacing electric vane pumps with Piab pumps to achieve energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.


Piab and Cymru Automation made a joint site visit to look at the AMAX machines where vacuum is used to hold down boxes during packing of the cups. It was identified that energy savings could be made by replacing the constantly running mechanical vacuum pumps with Piab piCLASSIC Si32-3 vacuum pump with piSAVE optimize energy saving. This allows the vacuum to be switched on only when needed and the level of vacuum controlled to use no more energy than is needed. With no vanes to replace or servicing required, maintenance costs could be slashed.



  • Annual cost saving per machine over original solution $1,600, an 83% reduction.
  • No downtime for scheduled maintenance.

”The Piab pump has run successfully for several weeks. We're going to roll this out to our other AMAX machines and plan to replace electric pumps with Piab on other machines and applications”, says Steve Robinson, Engineering Manager, RPC Tedeco Gizeh.

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