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  • Automotive cup – addressing body shop segment and supporting industry standard in those applications.
  • Made of black Nitril-PVC, 60 shore (A), silicone free. A durable material giving a cost effective good performing cup for automotive applications.
  • Round, bellow suction cup for dynamic handling of flat and uneven/curved metal sheet parts.
  • Good stability and resistance to horizontal forces.
  • Good for level compensation.
  • Handling of thin sheets without deformation or denting objects.
  • For dry as well as oily sheets.
  • Friction pattern on hub and lip prevents sheets from slipping.
  • Wide sealing surface for better sealing over dust and debris.
  • Low required vacuum level for actuation, gives good vacuum reserve for the lift itself.
  • Fitting options: cup has a molded-in aluminum insert, so either use your own fitting solution or use one of the nine (9) fitting options from Piab.
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    • Suction cups

      • How do I know which lifting forces I need?
        • It depends on the weight of the product that should be lifted and how many suction cups that can be used for the object. Calculate the weight to be lifted per suction cup and then take the weight multiplied with the gravity force (g=9.81) and you have the lifting force needed in pound force (lbf).

      • How do I know which suction cup to choose?
        • Our recommendation is to start at the application listing to find the products we recommend to different applications. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact our partners to find the optimum solution.

      • How should Piab suction cups be stored?
      • I have a variation of number of objects to be lifted- how can I make sure to not drop them or to use too much energy? How to optimize this type of system?
        • All suction cups not in contact with an object (open) will draw in a lot of air and demand a larger pump than actually necessary. By using different valves, such as piSAVE sense, in the suction cups, the suction cups will be normally closed until they come in contact with the handled object. Only the cups needed in the specific lifting cycle will be open and flow air. Please see the video piSAVE sense

      • What is DURAFLEX®?
        • DURAFLEX® is a patented material specially developed to feature the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane. The DURAFLEX® material is mark-free.

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