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Suction cup B110XP Polyurethane 30/60 ,thread insert G3/8" male, B110XP.5K.G40W


Part no. B110XP.5K.G40W

  • Suitable for limited level adjustment with good stability.
  • Excellent gripping performance on corrugated and porous or surface leaking objects such as cardboard, textured plastic parts and composite material (raw surface)
  • In the two-coloured suction cup the bellows and the sealing lip are of different hardnesses, which makes the suction cup strong and stable for accelerations and speed, at the same time, soft and flexible.
  • DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane.
  • The material DURAFLEX® is mark free.
Metric   Imperial
Curve radius 3.15 in
Movement, vertical max. 0.92 in
Application Plastic injection molded parts, Corrugated / cardboard
Material Polyurethane (PU30), Polyurethane (PU60)
Suction cup model B-XP
Suction cup shape Bellows
Volume 7.51 in³
Weight 4.94 oz
Fitting size 3/8"
Fitting style Male
Fitting type G-thread
Fitting option None
Height 2.31 in
Outer diameter 4.48 in
Performance — lifting forces
Vertical lifting force Parallel lifting force
6 -inHg 42.7 lbf 38.2 lbf
18 -inHg 85.4 lbf 78.7 lbf
27 -inHg 106 lbf 96.7 lbf
Polyurethane (PU60) Polyurethane (PU30)
Color Green transparent Yellow
Hardness 60 °Shore A 30 °Shore A
Temperature 50 – 122 °F 50 – 122 °F
Material resistance
Polyurethane (PU60) Polyurethane (PU30)
Alcohol N/A N/A
Concentrated acids + +
Ethanol + +
Hydrolysis + +
Methanol - -
Oil +++ +++
Oxidation - -
Gasoline + +
Wear resistance +++ +++
Weather and ozone +++ +++

Dimensional drawings

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Values specified in the data sheet are tested at:
Room temperature (20⁰C [68⁰F] ± 3⁰C [5.5⁰F])
Standard atmosphere (101.3 [29.9 inHg] ± 1.0 kPa [0.3 inHg])
Relative humidity 0-100%
Compressed air quality DIN ISO 8573-1 class 4
Spare parts
Part no.
Thread insert G3/8" male, with O-ring for Vacuum Gripper System (VGS) 01.06.797
Suction cup B110XP Polyurethane 30/60 B110XP.5K

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