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piCOBOT® NC with adjustable gripper & suction cups, 9938236


Part no. 9938236

  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces. Custom made for Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robots (UR3, UR5 and UR10 if not exeeding 7kg).
  • Integrated safety related functions.
  • UR software capabilities (URCaps) for quick and easy installation /implementation and programming, compatible with E-series and CB-series.
  • Flexible setting options to perfectly match application needs.
  • Vacuum ejector based on patented COAX® technology with integrated controls.
  • Optimized design for high reliability.
  • Valves with adaptive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to reduce heat generation and further improve reliability.
  • Extra valve protection (Automatic Condition Monitoring, ACM, function).
  • Integrated automatic air/energy-saving function (ES) with adjustable hysteresis that will further reduce energy usage (up to 90–95%).
  • Activate and optionally sets itself automatically (Automatic Level Determination, ALD, function).
  • Light weight and low build height.
  • Patented Intelligent Blow-off (IBO) automatically activates and stops the blow-off when vacuum is removed from system and optimises the usage of blow-off air.
Metric   Imperial
Item number, alternative PCO.U1.M01.T.MC2.S221PA.X.6.CC.A.A03K1
Material CuZn, PC, POM, Al, Nitrile (NBR)
Noise level 56 – 68 dBA
Temperature 14 – 122 °F
Weight, max. 1.12 lb
Electric connection Connector M8, 8 pole female
Feed pressure, max. 102 psi
Feed pressure, optimum, max. 72.5 psi
Electrical data
Accuracy, electrical ±3 % FS
Current, consumption 200 mA
Current, output 80 mA
Display OLED
Humidity 35 – 85 % RH
Response time <1 ms
Ripple, max. 0.1 V_rms
Safety classification IP54
Supply voltage, nominal 24 VDC
Voltage, output 1-5 VDC
Pneumatic data
Pressure, drop 0.58 psi
Mechanical data
Load, max. 7 kg
Vibration resistance 10-55 Hz
Signal function
Hysteresis Adjustable kPa
Signal range 0 – 29.91 -inHg
Feed pressure Air consumption Vacuum flow (scfm) at different vacuum levels (-inHg) Max vacuum
psi scfm 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 -inHg
73 1.14 1.36 1.19 0.97 0.72 0.42 0.3 0.17 0.08 0 24.8
Feed pressure Air consumption Evacuation time (s/cf) to reach different vacuum levels (-inHg) Max vacuum
psi scfm 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 -inHg
73 1.14 4.53 10.2 17 28.3 43.9 70.8 118 229 24.8
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Dimensional drawings

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Values specified in the data sheet are tested at:
Room temperature (20⁰C [68⁰F] ± 3⁰C [5.5⁰F])
Standard atmosphere (101.3 [29.9 inHg] ± 1.0 kPa [0.3 inHg])
Relative humidity 0-100%
Compressed air quality DIN ISO 8573-1 class 4

Part no.
Suction cup B30-2 Silicone, G1/4" male, with mesh filter B30-2.20.04AB
Suction cup B52XP Polyurethane 30/60, G1/4" male with mesh filter B52XP.4K.05AB
Suction cup BX35P Polyurethane 30/60 with filter, G1/4" male, with mesh filter BX35P.4K.04AB.F
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