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3D printed Customizable Bag Gripper (CBG)

The CBG is a configurable 3D printed gripper for handling pouches and bags (nothing else). A special developed configurator tool makes it possible to tailor-design (custom make) a vacuum gripper for a defined bag or pouch in a very simple way. In the tool, it is possible to use Piab’s expert guidance while you only need to define dimensions of the pouch or bag. The “Expert” option allows for the user to play with the design within certain boundaries. The bag or pouch will show up visually in the configurator tool to confirm that the 3D printed vacuum gripper will have a proper grip. The tool will automatically create and constantly update pricing, a 3D file for download, technical data and much more along the configuration process. Since the engineering of the gripper is done by our customer and the tool, the extra cost and time for an engineer to design the gripper is eliminated. When ready – click on the “request for a quotation” button and contact will be made.


We are sorry, but the tool is currently down for maintenance.
Please contact your local Piab office for assistance configuring a bag gripper.

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