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piSAVE sense

piSAVE sense generation 2

Date 11/25/2014

piSAVE sense flow control/check valves are used for "object sensing" on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized vacuum pump.

The valves allow several suction cups to miss (or partly miss) sheet(s)/object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system and also offer a fast-release or blow-off. Traditional flow control/check valves for suction cups such as ball-seat valves have proven to be very sensitive to orientation and dirt.

User benefits include reduced need of vacuum pump capacity as you only use cups needed for the task, lowering pump investment and energy consumption. Users also have the ability to build flexible lifting devices that can serve a variety of different size or shape panels/sheets. This eliminates the need for multiple lifting devices

The piSAVE sense family has now grown with a fourth size, the smallest ”02/60”.  It is improved in terms of accuracy with more precise flow characteristics handling delicate demands with more reliable/safe vacuum pump dimensioning. The new ”02/60” has a very low minimum flow and is suitable for cups with diameter ≤50mm in applications with sealed objects, such as metal sheets or glass.

Unlike the former piSAVE sense generation, the new versions are ideal for both leaking and non-leaking surfaces/materials. The ”02/60” in particular targets non-leaking surfaces as it has no, or very little flow/leaking properties when the valve is closed.  That makes it suitable for non-leaking materials, where a lot of small cups can miss the object. For large cups, >Ø 50mm, used for non-leaking materials, the recommendation is to use ”03/60” for faster cup response.

piSAVE sense product data sheet

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