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Piab 30 years back

Looking in the rearview mirror – 30 years back at Piab!

Date 9/1/2016

Believe it or not, but I have been employed at Piab for more than 30 years! Marketing and Communication is my working area and thanks to the digital revolution it has undergone major changes.

When I look back, I am amazed at how we communicated with customers in the mid 80's. We wrote business letters on the typewriter and sent them and other marketing material by mail worldwide. If there was a rush, we wrote messages via telex. When the sellers were on the move, they could be reached by pager. In the late 80's the typewriter was replaced with a word processor, telex with fax and pager with large and bulky handsets.

In the early 90's, the first personal computers came to Piab and DOS environment was replaced by Windows. For me personally, it opened tremendous opportunities to make professional-looking publications and catalogs with desktop publishing. Piab could now make marketing materials in-house instead of hiring agencies.

In the mid 90's the Internet and e-mail made a breakthrough, and Piab got its first website. In the beginning the IT department was responsible for the content, but after a while Piab started its first web department with me as manager. We built databases with product data and created Piab's graphic profile. At that time, the content of the website was mainly a digital catalog with the ability to download CAD files. Our website attracted the attention of the trade press: ”a demonstration of clarity and functionality”.

Today we take constant development of Piab's website for granted, with new smart features that help to improve the experience in general, and also to make it easier for our visitors to find what they are looking for in Piab's extensive product portfolio. I would primarily like to highlight the Selection guide for suction cups, where you can search for suitable cups for a particular application. Also the ability to compare performance between similar products, is a popular feature. We are very grateful for the feedback we get on the website because it helps us to continue development. Therefore, please leave us feedback by using the button on the right hand side.

No one knows exactly what happens in the future, but I feel sure that Piab's website will continue to evolve to be among the best in our industry and in line with the demands and expectations. I am grateful to have experienced the digital revolution so far and look forward to new inventions and opportunities!

Anette Lantz
Web Manager
Tel. +46 8 630 25 00

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