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Handling of flexible packages

Handling of flexible packages

Flexible packaging material is the generic term for soft packages made of film, foil or paper sheeting. Popular forms are stand-up pouches, bags, sachets and envelopes. These packages are often formed, filled and sealed in a vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal machine. The package is then finally put into a case by top loading, pick-and-place or similar technology. This final step to automatically handle the filled pouch or bag is done by specific suction cups and a selection of vacuum pumps with high initial vacuum flow. 

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Advantages with Piab

  • Increased productivity thanks to specially designed suction cups for this application which have a strong grip on the flexible package to minimize droppage.
  • There is also increased productivity thanks to specially designed high flow suction cup fittings.
  • Reduced energy consumption with COAX® technology in the vacuum pumps.
  • Fast and secure grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps.
  • Increased productivity as there is no service required of the Piab vacuum pump.

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