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A thermoformed blister or skin protects products and presents them in an attractive manner. In order to form the blister, vacuum is applied to a mold or series of molds. Heat and/or pressure may be applied to the topside of a flat blister while the mold cavity is evacuated, causing the container to form in the mold. Different levels of vacuum can be used depending on the detail and definition of the blister. Then the blister is moved into boxes in some form. It can either be through a pick and place robot or manually. The industry is moving toward more automation and usage of robots.

Advantages with Piab

  • Increased productivity when producing blisters, no service required on Piab vacuum pumps and easy to install.
  • Energy-saving function can be integrated.
  • Fast evacuation and easy to control vacuum level.
  • Increased flexibility as the pumps are very small and light and can be placed very close to the suction point which also gives a big energy saving.
  • Flexibility as we provide a wide range of vacuum pumps that meets the requirement of different vacuum levels needed for different blister types.
  • Increased productivity as suction cups will not drop the blister even at high speed. 
  • Increased productivity as there is no service required of the Piab vacuum pump.

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