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Seal machines (vertical form-fill-seal)

Seal machines (vertical form-fill-seal)

During the pouch/bag forming phase vacuum is often applied to transport belts that help provide a grip on both sides of the pouch/bag material. The vacuum belt moves the pouch material from a web roll into position to receive the product from the filler. Holes in the belt allow vacuum to hold the pouch while the belt is rotating and feeding the pouch material through the machine. There is often a use of a vacuum conveyor to fill the bag with its content, if it is granules, powder or tablets.



Advantages with Piab

  • Reduced energy consumption, vacuum COAX® cartridges can be integrated close to the point of suction near the belt. Vacuum flow restrictions are thereby eliminated.
  • Easy to control sections of vacuum in the belt for optimized performance.
  • Optimized product range for this application, anything from suction cups, vacuum grippers, or vacuum pumps.
  • Tailored-made suction cups for different bags and special high-flow suction cup fittings.
  • Secure and fast grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps.
  • Increased productivity as there is no service required of the Piab vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum conveyor meets industry standards of ATEX Dust and Gas.
  • Suction cups and vacuum conveyor materials in contact with the conveyed product are in compliance with FDA, EC No. 1935/2004 and EC No. 10/2011.
  • The vacuum conveyor increases the throughput and minimizes the scrap with the conveyor specially designed for fragile material.
  • Flexibility as to be able to convey particles from 0.5 micron and up.
  • The conveyor's small size makes it a great solution when space is at premium.

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