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Moving baggage between open carts and the airplane or cruise ship via a conveyor belt with Vaculex solutions

Moving baggage between open carts and the airplane/cruise ship via a conveyor belt

With this solution, loading and unloading baggage from an open cart to an airplane or a cruise ship via a conveyer belt or vice versa becomes quick and easy. Based on Vaculex® patented technology and first developed in cooperation with Köln Airport, the design concept of the Vaculex® BaggageLift Ramp aims to create an operator friendly lifting solution, while simultaneously offering a viable alternative to manual handling. To enable this, a BaggageLift is installed on a Belt Loader, specifically for the task of moving baggage items between the carts and the airplane. This allows the handler to simply guide the baggage, removing the requirement for heavy lifting – and in an instant, productivity, safety and reliability are optimized.


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