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Unloading or loading containers and trailers

Loading and unloading loose loaded containers and trailers

A common challenge at the receiving dock is unloading loose loaded containers and trailers. This is one of the most physically demanding jobs at a distribution-, order fulfilment centre or a parcel carrier terminal, due to heavy lifting. Bad posture, high intensity and heavy or repetitive motions often cause injuries to back and shoulders.

Most parcel carriers operate loose loaded containers and trailers for transportation between sorting terminals. Irrespective of if the terminal is fully automated or not the parcels being sorted must be manually unloaded from the containers into the terminal and then after sorting, manually loaded back into the containers to leave the terminal - a crossdocking operation.

Loading and unloading containers or trailers are physically demanding jobs. Piab has developed Vaculex® Parcelift as a lifting solution which minimizes the strain to the operators, increases the productivity and enhances worker satisfaction. The solution, Vaculex® ParceLift, is assembled onto the telescopic conveyors which are often installed at parcel carriers operating with loose loaded parcels. It offers several defining benefits; a great variety of products and/or parcels in terms of size, shape and weight – up to 90 lbs. – can be handled. The ParceLift can be fully integrated into many types of telescopic conveyors, both factory-fitted or retrofitted at the customer’s premises.

When it comes to operating, the Vaculex® ParceLift has been designed to create the optimal working experience. It allows the user to grip an item from any side, turn it 360° and release it as required. In addition, it has been created for easy, intuitive operation and requires minimal training.

Several distribution-, fulfilment centers and parcel carrier terminals now rely on the Vaculex® ParceLift to create a healthy and attractive working environment for the operators working with loading and unloading containers and trailers.


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