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Lifting a door with Vaculex®

Let Vaculex® make door handling effortless

A booming construction industry requires doors, and Piab’s ergonomic Vaculex® lifters offer perfect solutions for both production and warehouse environments. Importantly, the lifters also provide safe and ergonomic working conditions for manufacturing and warehouse staff. Vaculex® lifters offer effortless handling of all types of doors in a variety of production or assembly situations. The semi-automated lifters are designed to handle even the heaviest of fire doors, often weighing in excess of 75 kg [165 lbs].

The flexible Vaculex® VL vacuum lifters can be adapted to perfectly fit a wide range of different door designs and manufacturing processes.

  • Minimize strain injuries, back pain and sick leave
  • Reduce more than 80% of the load on your body with Piab’s ergonomic and flexible Vaculex® VL
  • Increase productivity and user happiness
  • A one-person operation
  • Flexible for left- as well as right handed
  • Reduce the rate of damaged goods and increase safety
  • Can be lifted, rotated and tilted with precise positioning

The Vaculex® range of standard components can be used to make up solutions for lifting, tilting and turning doors, and for positioning in pre-fabricated units. The vacuum lifters can be configured to safely hold on to the door at any predetermined point or position, such as its side, top or bottom.

Offering ergonomic and safe working environments, the Vaculex® vacuum-operated lifters also allow for efficiency improvements, elevating the productivity of a plant by enabling a good flow in handling procedures, and guaranteeing high quality of products through damage limitation.


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