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The plastics industry is spending a lot of money on maintaining and purchasing vacuum pumps and vacuum-related equipment. In the chemical industry, the pumps are exposed to a lot of aggressive chemicals that require resistant vacuum pump materials. Piab has a good product range to meet the specific demands of this industry such as unloading high temperature parts with textured surfaces, but, also mark-free and PWIS-free (Paint Wetting Impairment Substances) requirements.

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Auto racking

The size and weight of the panels make it difficult for operators to manually handle and racking them. Robots are used and typically equipped with a vision system.

Destacking layers of sheet
Destacking layers of sheets

Blanks of metal (magnetic or non-magnetic), plastic, wood or cardboard are separated from a stack and fed into the line. Vacuum pumps and cups are used to “pick-up/separate” and feed.

Robot pick-and-place
Robot pick-and-place

High speed pick-and-place robots for placing small items like chocolate, cookies or other food stuff in packages.

Vacuum assembly fixture - clamping
Vacuum assembly fixture - clamping

In several industries there are clamping fixtures where suction cups are used to hold parts during assembly, forming, cutting or other machining operations.

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